Spinning Slide (Dreamland)

Roller coasters or spinning and rail machines are one of the most exciting devices in amusement parks.
The present sample is of medium height and speed, but two characteristics of being rotational and single cabined have made it exciting and control its safety and tension to a more acceptable level. We suggest it to people who love excitement. Although the device’s speed does not exceed the permitted limit, but its combination with centrifugal force of cabin rotation causes alteration sense in speed, which multiplies enjoyment of movement in hairpin of air rail. It is an experience which you can just perceive by trying it. Safety of this device is ensured and verified by all of the world’s standards.

Maximum movement speed
for using from machine
35 k/h

Permitted weight

maximum of 70 kg

Permitted age

12 to 65 years

Capacity of passengers


Number of cabins


Length of the path

325 meters

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