Ship (Dreamland)

Complication of a space travel has unparalleled excitement for the children.
It is a new generation of flying saucers which has been changed to a sensational experience for the children by different design of the chairs. Turning and pendulum motions for passionate children are very attractive. This device is a small sample of space pendulum. Its tension has been reduced and the chairs have been designed with more security. In this way children can enjoy from its excitement without any fear or anxiety. Unlike adult’s devices, there are handles and places for reliance to preserve the safety. In this way children and youth with fragile emotions can be happier. But it is one of the most attractive devices for curious youth which seek high curiosity and excitement.

Permitted age

3 to 12 years

Permitted weight

maximum of 70 kg

Number of cabins


Capacity of passenger


maximum speed

4 m/s

Flight altitude

4/5 m

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